Tonga reintroduces DST


Tonga will be observing daylight saving time from 0200 on 6 November 2016. Time will change from UTC +13 to UTC +14.

The decision was made by the Cabinet of Tonga on 21 October 2016, and announced by the Ministry of Information & Communications of Tonga on 26 October 2016, only 11 days before the time change. Tonga will return to winter time at 0300 on 15 January 2017.

By observing DST, Tonga will stay in sync one hour ahead of Fiji. The neighbouring countries Samoa and New Zealand also keep DST during summer, but for a longer period.

DST has not been observed in Tonga since 2002.

Time now in Tonga: http://time.is/Tonga

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